Musketeer Pistol Stances: Musketeer Shord-Ranged Combat Abilities

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The pistol stances enable the Sword of the New World musketeer to fight effectively at short distances.

Sword of the New World Musketeers specialize in ranged combat. Stances improve a character’s ability with rifles or pistols. Musketeers in Sword of the New World start the game knowing basic rifle stances , but after a musketeer character reaches the 24th level, he can learn pistol stances. Enforcer, Duality, and Freestyle are the basic stances characters can learn.

The Enforcer Pistol Stance

This, according to the in-game help feature, is the most accurate pistol stance. Rather than focusing on speed as the latter two pistol stances do, the enforcer pistol stance focuses on accuracy with the gun.. The abilities in the enforcer stance venom shot, snap shot, double shot, and zero in.

Venom shot consumes one bullet and causes a small damage over time to be placed on the affected enemy, double shot increases the damage of the shot by the pistol by firing two pulls, snap shot is a small area effect attack that causes five bullets to be fired from the pistol, and zero in is the highest damage ability of the enforcer stance, firing ten bullets from the pistol in rapid succession at the target.

The Freestyle Pistol Stance

For Sword of the New World musketeers who wish to choose speed as their strategy, the freestyle pistol stance is the first option they can learn. After level 36, musketeer can purchase the duality stance exercise book.. The freestyle stance is to fire as many shots as quickly as possible from the pistols in the hopes that most of them will hit the intended target..

The abilities available in the freestyle stance are quick shot, triple shot, and hail of fire. Quick Shot is an ability that lasts a minute and causes him to fire his weapon 16 per cent faster for a minute. Changing stances or casting another spell cancels the quick shot ability. Triple shot is fires three bullets at a single target, and hail of fire uses twelve pistol bullets but hits all enemies in range.

The Duality Pistol Stance

Duality allows the Sword of the New World musketeer to wield two pistols at once. Sword of the New World characters who wish to imitate the Lone Ranger, this is the stance they should fight in. The duality stance allows a musketeer to equip two pistols at the same time. The accuracy of this stance is even lower than the freestyle stance.

The abilities in the duality stance are quick shot, bloody overdrive, stunshot, and R.I.P. The quick shot ability is the same as the one found in the freestyle stance, bloody overdrive allows the musketeer to fire at all nearby enemies, but requires 20 bullets, stunshot stuns a mob for a short period of time, and RIP sends twenty pistol bullets at a short period of time into an enemy.


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