Musketeer Rifle Stances Sword of the New World Long Ranged Combat Stances

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Musketeers in Sword of the New World begin the game with a simple rifle. A musketeer who reaches level 25 can learn pistol stances . Sword of the New World stances represent positions that the character fights in. Sword of the New World implements rifles as slow, long range support weapons capable of doing a lot of damage in a single shot.

The Bare Knuckles Stance

This is basic the hand-to-hand stance in Sword of the New World . When the musketeer runs out of ammunition, he may switch to this stance, or the musketeer may use the bayonet stance if he has learned it. The bare knuckles stance can advance to the twenty fifth level as can all Sword of the New World stances.

The Hunter Stance

This is the begging rifle stance in Sword of the New World. When a musketeer equips his rifle, he enters the hunter stance automatically. This stance offers the greatest mobility of all rifle stances, but its damage output is less than the sniper stance.

The abilities in the hunter rifle stance are head shot, bird flare, fall, and scatter shot. Head shot is an attack aimed directly at a monster’s head that causes a lot of damage, bird shot is used to attack many enemies at once, flare decreases the accuracy of the musketeer’s enemies, and precision strike, the last ability in this stance causes full damage to enemies at maximum range.

The Sniper Stance

This rifle stance allows the sword of the new world musketeer to pick off enemies at distance provided he has a safe place to kneel. The character will not be able to attack enemies who get close to the musketeer and his rifle become useless. When an enemy comes into close range, players should switch to the hunter or bayonet stances.

The abilities for the Sword of the New World sniper stance are explosive shot, impale and execution shot. Explosive is an ability that does extra damage when the musketeer fires his weapon, impale is a rifle attack that can hit more than one opponent, and execution shot

The Bayonet Stance

This is a veteran rifle stance for Sword of the New World musketeers. The bayonet stance gives the musketeer class in Sword better close combat capability. When a musketeer trains in the bayonet stance, he learns to use his musket in close quarters. Should a player switch to the bayonet stance, he should switch back to a long range stance once he is clear of surrounding enemies.

The abilities in the bayonet stance are beatdown, bayonet assault, berserk shot and slaughter. Beatdown is a simple melee attack that causes the rifle to do additional melee, damage, bayonet assault is an attack that knocks an opponent down, berserk shot is a combination of rifle shots and melee attacks that affect multiple opponents, and slaughter is an attack that consumes twelve rifle bullets and does a lot of damage to the enemy.


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