WoW 300-375 Lockpicking Guide: How to Get a World of Warcraft Rogue to Master Lockpicking Status

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The path for alliance and horde rogues to raise their lockpicking in World of Warcraft is the same. Getting a rogue’s lockpicking skill from 300-375 is a simple, if tedious process, of finding enough looted lockboxes or pickpocketing mos in one of the zones in the Outlands. For those looking for a guide on how to raise the skill up to 300, that information can be found here.

Prerequisites for learning 300-375 Lockpicking

There is no quest required for a World of Warcraft rogue to learn high level lockpicking. All it takes is having the Burning Crusade installed and investing the time and patience to raise the skill to the current maximum in the game. .

Where to Go to Get Lockpicking Past 300

Players will spend the majority of their time in the outlands to raise their rogue’s lockpicking skill in World of Warcraft past 300, but the player does not have to start by entering the portal in the Blasted Lands. The entrances to Dire Maul can an alliance or rogue raise their skill a little past 300 but eventually a player will need to head through the portal in the Blast Lands and visit the Outlands.

What Boxes to Open to Raise Lockpicking in the Outlands

A rogue who wishes to raise his lockpicking past 300 skill level should do so by pickpoceting bouldefrists in Nagrand. Pickpocketing the boulderfists will yield strong junkboxes which the rogue can use to level up his skill.. Once the strong junkboxes become gray to the rogue, he should try to obtain khorium lockboxes which can be found as mob drops in all Outlands zones.

A rogue may also advertise that he is available to open lockboxes for other players in cities such as Shattrath. The last strategy depends on getting a steady stream of khorium lockboxes from other players to loot.

Slow 300-375 Lockpicking Leveling

World of Warcraft and many other online role playing games make the higher skill levels more difficult to achieve than the early skill levels by design. The lockpicking skill in World of Warcraft is not an exception. Players must have their rogue characters spend a significant portion of their time in game trying to level up the lockpicking skill.

Players who wish to have their World of Warcraft rogue character offer more to their guilds than being a mere damage per second machine will find it takes a long time to get to the current maximum of 375, but it will give the rogue something to offer to his groups and his guild.


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