FarmVille for Facebook – Fertilizing your Neighbors Crops

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FarmVille for Facebook is all about helping out your Facebook friends. The best way to help is by visiting their farms and fertilizing their crops. Here are some FAQs about how fertilizing works and how to get the most out of helping your FarmVille neighbors.

I just started playing FarmVille. When in fertilizer available?

Fertilizer is only available once you reach level 4. Fortunately, level 4 is easy to reach. To do this quickly, plow as many plots as possible and keep planting strawberry plants. You should easily pass level 4 in the first day.

How do I fertilize my neighbors crops?

Visit your neighbor’s farm by selecting a neighbor and clicking on the ‘visit/help’ button. Before you can receive fertilizer, you must first complete a chore to help your Facebook friend. Once the task is complete, you will be prompted with a message asking if you will help by fertilizing your neighbor’s crops.

What are the benefits of fertilizing crops in FarmVille?

Fertilizing crops benefits both you and your Facebook friends. For your friends, fertilized crops earn extra experience points and money when they are harvested. You will also earn experience points and cash for each of your neighbor’s crops that receive a boost from you. Each crop that you fertilize will also count toward earning your ‘crop whisperer’ ribbons.

I have bags of fertilizer available. Why can’t I fertilize my neighbors crops?

The following are several factors that will prevent you from fertilizing crops: the crop has already been fertilized, the crop is fully grown, or the crop is old and spoiled.

How often can I fertilize my neighbor’s crops?

You can only use 5 bags of fertilizer on each of your friend’s farms every day.

How can I tell which of my crops have been fertilized by a neighbor?

Fertilized crops will show sparkling stars floating above the crops as they grow. Once they have fully matured, they will appear much larger than normal crops.

Fertilizing crops is a great way to help your FarmVille neighbors and interact with your Facebook friends. Hopefully, this guide will give you all of the necessary information to understand the fertilizing process. Whether you are new to Facebook games or an experienced FarmVille player, information and strategy is the most important tool to becoming a master farmer. Happy Farming!


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