Make a Funky Little Snowman This Christmas

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You will need:

 white fabric






two small twigs for arms

very tiny twig for nose

white glue

two pompoms

small strip of fabric for scarf

small length of thin wire

black fine point gel pen

orange craft paint, small paint brush

puffy paints (optional)

Start by drawing the shape of the snowman on the white fabric. You can use any white fabric including muslin, felt or cotton. The shape is much like a gourd but with a flat bottom. PLEASE NOTE: You can make your snowman any shape: there is no wrong shape on this project.

Once you have drawn the shape, cut the two pieces out. Place the fabric right side against right side. Begin sewing at the bottom and continue all the way around leaving a small opening for stuffing. Cotton balls can be used if you are making a small snowman but I would pull the cotton balls apart so that they don’t get lumpy when you stuff them. Once you have added the stuffing, sew the opening closed.

Now, the fun part: decorating! The face is simply drawn in with a fine point gel pen. The “carrot” nose is made from a really tiny twig that is painted orange and glued in place.

To make the arms: take one of the twigs and dip one end in white glue. Slip it through the stitched side and position as an for arm. Repeat on the other side

Once dry, add the earmuffs. Take a small piece of wire and tightly curl it around a pencil, Slip the coiled wire from the pencil and glue it to the top of the snowman’s head: this will be the head band for the earmuffs. Add two pompoms and your earmuffs are complete.

Add the scarf which is made from a small scrap of fabric and your snowman is almost ready to hangout on your Christmas tree. Add a string, ribbon or even a piece of wire to hang your snowman.

You can also personalize your snowman by printing a name in either gel pen or puffy paint. Have fun with your new holiday snowman!


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