The Hills

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I’m based in the UK and so have been watching The Hills through the internet. And, I have to say, it’s fascinating stuff … Not because of the perpetual fallings out of the main female characters. More, it is the relationship between Speidi (Spencer and Heidi).

Because of her ridiculous boyfriend, Heidi has lost all her friends, her family and her job. He is aggressive and attacks her work colleagues if they dare to say something bad. He has no respect for her bosses and feels no shame at turning up at her work.

Seemingly, Spencer does not have a job and lays around all day. He is rude to her family and threw her sister out of their house.

I find it sad that an attractive girl would choose to have such a controlling boyfriend. She must have very low self-esteem. I hope for her sake, she realises she needs to stop accepting his behaviour as normal.

The latest news is that they eloped in Mexico. This is despite arguments between Speidi over her desire to have a big wedding and say her vows in front of her parents. Apparently, it is not legally binding in the US. What kind of person would not want to give his wife, her dream wedding?

Realistically, a marriage that takes place amongst two so young and living in a pressure cooker situation won’t last. Let’s hope Heidi is able to rebuild her relationships with her friends and family.


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