Irish Breakfast Tea Review

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Twining’s makes many wonderful tea blends. One of the blends are called Irish breakfast tea. Tea is always a great winter choice for those that enjoy a the taste of tea. I am always looking for a tea that will offer all benefits while having a fine taste. I picked up a green box of Twining’s Irish breakfast tea from my local grocery store; the price was only $2.50 for twenty tea bags.

Twining’s Irish breakfast tea is made with a strong black tea blend. This tea is especially made to be full bodied and robust in taste. The best way to drink Irish breakfast tea is by pouring boiling water over the tea bag and let brew for 2-5 minutes. Another way to serve this tea would be to make a whole pot of it using a coffee maker. One way of making brewed Irish tea would be by using one tea bag for every two cups brewed. This can be served hot or you can make a pitcher of iced Irish tea and sweeten to taste. Twining’s Irish breakfast tea is blended and packed by R. Twining & Company Limited, London, England. For more information you can visit

I opened the green box of Twining’s Irish breakfast tea and took out an individually wrapped tea bag. I then proceeded to boil my water, get my mug ready to try this tea out. After letting my tea bag steep the recommended amount of time, I added some creamer and sweetener. The flavor was bold and very flavorful. I like the fact that this tea has caffeine, because at the time I needed a pick me up. The tea had a pleasant aroma, as the plume of steam blew up towards my nose. The experience was very relaxing as well as giving me that extra boost to get me through the day. I also liked the fact that each tea bag comes individually wrapped so I could bring a tea bag with me to work. I enjoyed the tea so much it’s now a common staple in my home. I enjoy a cup of this robust tea every evening after dinner and once in awhile when I need a boost. I highly recommend Twining’s Irish breakfast tea to any tea drinker.



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