I saved My Dogs

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In my home I have 3 dogs one is a Jack Russel I call Teeny Benny . She is a very lovable girl. However she is very flighty and dose not like to be made to do anything she demands to be given water and stops her little paws if things do not go her way.

Teeny Benny was rescued from a pet store who was going to have her put to sleep because she was the last dog and was not sold to anyone the day they were going to have her shipped to the place they put animals down.

My wife and I walked in and heard her crying we were there only to buy a bag of dog food. However I am an animal lover and I saw this poor puppy all by its self.

So I asked about it and the owner said well she is going back to her owner who will proudly put her down. I said well what do the ones that sell cost usually. The guy said $800.

I said Ill give you $200 for her and save you the trouble of letting the owner do away with her so the Owner agreed and thats how we got our baby teeny Benny.

The second dog we got is a brown Boston Terrier I call her Kata Bear.

She was an out side Kennel dog who was mistreated her Back leg was Broken and set wrong so she would limp around her small cage with know room to run or anything 24 hours a day. When I saw her pitiful situation I demanded the owner get her out of there . However the person did not care as to what I had to say and so as they say money talks I bought her for $850 Bucks when i got her to a vet she cost me another $400 for medication and getting her well again.

She is a big Baby who loves me to death . Buying her was one of the better things I did. She now runs all over our big yard and has a lot of fun with my other two dogs! She is now very happy!

My third dog is a Beagle I call Mr. Bee! He was rescued from a pet store were as a pup he was dropped by some one handling him his baby skull was crushed.

I know the owner so he asked me if I was willing to pay for his vet bill he would give him to me. I agreed and paid for his vet bill the vet said that he would not survive .

However with love and round the clock care Mr. Bee survived and is my Buddy ! He was worth the $300 I paid for his vet bills.

So if you get a chance to find a pet that needs you and then they will give you years of love back in gratitude.


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