Lord of the Rings: Into the West

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The combination of music by Howard Shore, lyrics by Fran Walsh and the voice of Annie Lennox has created film music history, at least if you are to believe the people giving out Oscars and other awards. 

Not only did the song “Into the West” receive an Oscar for best original song in 2004, but it also adds its very own imprint on the epic trilogy “The Lord of the RIngs”.

The song ends the last movie of the trilogy “The Return of the King” as Frodo Baggins, Gandalf and the last of the elves sail to the undying lands accompanied by the beloved Bilbo Baggins.

The slow melody keeps you in the spirit of the universe that Tolkien created with his books and that Peter Jackson has revived with his fatastic movie triligy. Howard Shore who did the music score for “The Lord of the Rings” with some songs made by the artist Enya. This final song of the trilogy has made a good end to more than a year of work for Howard Shore, not including the extra music for the extended DVD sets.

My personal affiliation to the song comes from the basic themes of the song. Not only is Annie Lennox singing about death and the parting of friends, but also about new adventures beyond. For that is really in Tolkien’s spirit. His story is generally about death, but it doesn’t end there. It continues beyond, and whether we are religious or not, would we all like to think that we arrive somewhere else, when we die? That is the conclusion that I come to from listening to this song. That there might be something beyond and that we will probably get to see it just like Frodo, Gandalf and Bilbo do in “The Lord of the Rings”.


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