Bali dreaming

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Bali had never appealed to me, as I always associated it with beer swilling Aussies partying until dawn. So when booking my recent trip to Indonesia, it wasn’t at the top of my agenda.

Well, how wrong can one person be? Bali was without a doubt the best place I visited. Beautiful scenery, beautiful weather and beautiful people – what more can you ask for?

I flew into Denpesar and rather than hanging round there, went over on a little boat to an island called Nusa Lembongan. The guide books state there is only one ferry per day – but this isn’t the case. There are plenty of beach huts and guest houses to stay in. It is easy to hire bikes and ride round the island. For surfers, you can hire a local guide to take you out by boat to the best surf spots. The island has a chilled, laid back vibe and a great atmosphere. On the downside, there are day trippers that come over from Bali and the scenery is slightly ruined by a water slide that caters to them.

Following Nusa Lembongan, we travelled by taxi to Ubud. For the price of a taxi versus the time it takes to catch a bus, then this option is worthwhile. Up in the mountains, we we faced with an abundance of almost too many things to do: cookery classes; silversmithing; Balinese traditional dancing; and fabulous shops. I would recomend doing the sightseeing bike tour.

The stay in Bali was too short. And so for anyone else who may have had doubts, I would urge you to go.


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