The Classic Danish Christmas Evening Dinner

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My experience is that different cultures and countries have various classical dinners for special occasions and Denmark is one among these. On Christmas evening, which is the 24th of December most families have a traditional Danish Christmas Dinner followed by the traditional Danish Christmas Dessert. Which you can read about in my article; The Classic Danish Christmas Evening Dessert.

There is no starters menu, because the main course is huge and filling and everybody wants to leave space for the very tasteful dessert.

The Dinner Content
The Main course at Christmas contains a lot of different kinds of foods, and this may vary a little from family to family. In my family we normally eat duck or goose.

Main Course:

  • Duck or goose filled with apples and prunes.
  • Sauce made on the duck or goose fat. (to get the taste)
  • Caramelized potatoes.
  • Potatoes.
  • Plain chips.
  • Red cabbage.
  • Green beans and carrots.
  • Salad.


  • Ris á l’amande.

The General Evening
Most families may meet early and go to the church together for the prayers, but also because it seems far more cozy to go to the church on Christmas evening, the priest have always done something extra, even the lesser religious families will go there this evening.

In my family we meet around 5.30PM and get the presents put underneath the tree, somehow most children seem to be aware that Santa doesn’t exist and the presents are bought by the family or friends of the family, wrapped up and put under the tree for later unwrapping.

Around 6PM we sit down at the dinner table and start eating, as you may understand on the table content that we don’t have any starters, we simply already have so much food on the table for the main course, that we will not be able to finish it and certainly not if it also included a starters course.

Eating takes about 2 hours including the dessert, the dessert is always the most interesting part because there is a small internal fight to get the almond, because then you have won a present. You can read more about the almond present in my article about The Classic Danish Christmas Evening Dessert.

After dinner we all help each other to clean the table and do the dishes while the coffee and tea is getting ready. The coffee and tea goes on the table together with traditional Christmas cookies, diverse nuts, chocolate and candy. During the relaxation with all the drinks and sweets the and reads up the name on the present and thereafter gives the present to the person who it is meant for. The whole process of unpacking presents takes a few hours while talking and enjoying the evening.

Merry Christmas everybody.


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