Movie review of Ratatouille

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The 2007 movie Ratatouille, from the Disney/Pixar animation team featuring Brad Bird (creator of The Incredibles and Iron Giant), has been a hit with parents and children alike. My daughter saw this movie several months before I did and she loved it. Whenever she tried to tell me about it, I would hush her because I planned on seeing it didn’t want the experience to be ruined for me.

Little did I know that even if she HAD told me about it, the experience would not have been ruined. That is for one reason and one reason only. Nobody could have predicted that by the time we obtained the movie on DVD (which is when I watch them); I would have 17 pet rats in my house. I had never been a fan of rats and would never have bought them, until after getting to know them when a friend of mine bought one for her daughter.

Anyway, by the time Ratatouille came out, I was hooked and had spent enough time with them to know their different personalities. This is the reason why I laughed so hard during this movie. I could sincerely relate to the whole thing, especially since I had also gone to school for Culinary Arts.

For those who have not seen it, Ratatouille is about Remy (Patton Oswalt), a country born rat, who is different from the rest of his pack. Being gifted with a strong sense of smell, he refuses to eat garbage (would rather have fine dining) and watches a cooking show that is hosted by French chef Augustus Gusteau (Brad Garrett).

After being discovered by the owner of the home he is raiding, Remy gets separated from his father (Brian Dennehy) and the rest of the pack as they are carried downstream. He ends up in Paris which is home to the very chef he watched on TV. After finding out that the chef has died, Remy starts imagining that the chef’s ghost is leading him.

Suddenly he is whooshed away from being the “poison detector” of his nest; to being the “puppet master” to Linguini (Lou Romano), the son the chef never knew he had, as he creates meals that even the most feared critic raves about. The janitor Linguini learns his way around the kitchen from Colette (Janeane Garofalo), but she doesn’t appreciate it when, with the help of Remy, he deviates from her instructions and improves the outcome of the meals.

Follow Remy, on this hilarious adventure, as he is carried away from the only home he has ever known, into a world he could only dream of. Enjoy good laughs as he and his new friend stir up more than soup in a fancy French restaurant where the cooks, led by head chef Skinner (Ian Holm,) are trying to bring their faltered stars back up to the magic number five from food critic Anton Ego (Peter O’Toole).


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