Nitros Ooopxide: Blast Hits The Button

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Car enthusiast Mickey Blast was released today after being arrested for an alleged ram raid attempt. Mickey an extreme car mechanic specialises in Nitros Oxide assemblies and has caught the imagination of local and national press alike. While being held for trial Mickey 34 of Westham has been the instigator of such headlines as “Nitros Oopps xide”,”Blast Wrong Button!” and “Mickey has a Blast!”.

In court the jury heard how Mickey had taken the unfinished car from his workshop for the weekend, as his own car was in need of attention, he explained that as far as he was concerned the nitros was disconnected and that he was always telling his employees to disconnect after tests, a wave of giggles moved across the court room as Mickey  said “someone’s going to get a rocket”.

The nitros however was connected and primed and although the ignition button was covered as per regulation it was hit accidentally by Mickey’s girlfriend Susannah Sparkle 36, Mickey explained “Susie got her handbag tied up on the control panel and in the process flipped the guard and triggered the nitros”, the car, parked next to Harkness Bank “did a 180” and went through the front wall of the bank, luckily the bank was near empty at the time and nobody was hurt. Group 10 however were making a routine call at the time and thought they were being attacked. Mr Blast was fined for driving without due care and attention and told to pay a further £35 for parking on a yellow line.

The banks insurers Shards of London have said they are prepared to accept the incident as an act of god but will have to review their policies ” as we had not accounted for damage by rocket car.


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