Does the Special K diet work?

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Does the Special K diet really work?

Just the word diet is enough to make me shudder. The special K diet is the one where you substitute two of your regular meals with a carefully portioned bowl of special K, a specifically measured amount of skim milk in that bowl and fruit. For snacks, stick to a Special K bar, fruits, and vegetables. Keep in mind that they now have Special K that has fruit and nuts mixed in. A carefully controlled amount of additives and sweetener put in for flavor. For your third meal of the day, you are allowed to eat as you normally would.

What if during that third meal I was one who would eat four huge slices of lasagna, loaded with sauce and cheese and have six slices of bread with that? Not that I am, but what if I was? Would the Special K diet work for me then?

Scientists have proven that the Special K diet worked, but how many of those scientists did a follow up on the women they studied? Yeah, the diet worked while they were in the study, but did it work long term? Do any diets work long term?

Further studies have found that though ANY diet will work while it is implemented, the person using the diet not only has to change their eating habits, they have to change their whole outlook about themselves. That is a complete INNER lifestyle change.

First you have to see yourself as the thinner person you want to be, then you have to convince yourself that you ARE that person. Next you ask yourself what that person has to do to maintain that lower weight. The answers are: Keep a POSITIVE outlook. While trying to lose weight, if you slip and gain a few, don’t berate yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and tell yourself that the next time you will be wiser. Be your biggest (no pun intended) supporter and fan. Take yourself for a walk, even if it is just around the corner. You would be surprised how good you feel afterwards. Don’t expect to jump right in and lose all you want overnight. Maintain a healthy, balanced eating schedule (I hedge to say that dirty four letter D word), but maintain what is good for YOU. Each person is an individual with individual tastes.

Want to try the Special K (ahem) diet, but don’t like Special K? Well, now Post has an Eat2Lose10 plan. You substitute your favorite cereal (do Frosted Flakes count?) for the Special K and it is supposed to do the same thing.

For a quick loss, “I have to fit into my wedding gown, prom dress, etc” moment, yes, the Special K diet works. However, for those of us NORMAL people who like food, it is very hard to maintain, which results in setbacks that usually lead to gaining more weight than we lost to start with. For those who want to lose weight and maintain it, start with the inside of your head and heart and love yourself first. As your negative inner thoughts of yourself fall away, the weight will follow.

The soapbox now stands empty for the next one!


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