Love Poems

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The Night Beauty

There in the window lined with bars
On every moonlight night hours
Stood a yon beauty gazing at the stars in the gloom
Felt a breeze in my heart soon

It wasn’t a image but a sillioute
Her beauty was a doubt
The silver light gave her face a fade
Thought of a trespass over the façade

Like the stars twinkeled her eyes,they were more than fair
Like the dark curly clouds was her hair,combed in a quiff
Every glimpse would make me stand still and stiff

I could imagine her fragnance
Her love which would shape things even better than the artisans
This night beauty was a glitz with her florid lips and thin eyebrows
Which would stun people even in drowse

A breeze moved the clouds which hid the moon
The night beauty vanished in the total gloom
People would wish this beauty as their boon

 In Praise Of Your Love

When I first looked into your eyes
My heart sang in midst of the cries
The world was out of sight
For I had an envy of love, and wished to hold you tight
As for every man his duty
You enthralled me and made love a sanctity

Now when you are mine
I sing in praise of your love being divine
The sunshine of your love, your care
Me beholding, is worth more than a huge share
Makes me give a smile back to every frown,melts my heart
Never keeping the bonds apart

Now when you are my peace, my shadow
I wish to keep you ever and never let you go
Untill the evenings of my life
As my belle wife
Now and then I would send a message to them with a dove
                                                                      In praise of your love                                                                             

Written By: Siddhant Kaddu

St.Peter’s School ,Panchgani,India


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