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Wondering how to save the world, I always end up the same point, all the great problems of humanity revolve around money. The money itself is useless, it is an object that takes an ideology, and only works when exchanged for things, actions or other types of money.
If the money, the concept of money, were eliminated men could again be all the same. My first plan, which was conceived as a long time consisted of a hypnotic suggestion, it would by the viewer forget the number zero, all the concepts related to zero. That would wipe out mathematical operations, decimals, percentage, interest, a wonder! (Similarities with the film Fight club are casual)
But the side effects would be too terrible, no computer programs or trips by plane, just to name things directly related. The implementation of an idea, and difficulty altissima. The message should be assisted by most people in the world in a short time, and the power of suggestion would need a very strong anchor. It would take a live broadcast globally and the arrival of man to the moon.
But what made me drop the idea, is the fact that the idea of money, the concept of money, a portable object of commodity exchange, is splendid. By mature I realized that was not right off a mental object as well prepared.
But throughout history the idea of light has been corrupted and distorted. The images on the coins and bank notes are an attempt to assign value to the money originally not have. Value cultural, historical, emotional. If money were motivated by these values ‘personal’ it ceases to be money to be another object to whom the attributes.
The money originally created as something to help people’s lives, facilitate barter, becomes an object of control of life of those people. In Fortaleza, there are districts that has its own currency, this is the original state of the money, two people have different things to change and choose a third object of exchange that is replaced by a temporary value just for them. Why do these people do not use the official money? Now the question is already proof of what I have said in the text.
The ‘value’ that the state seeks to assign a national currency is a financial bias against all other possible currencies. If a group of people is another object of exchange, there is nothing wrong with that. If my neighbor and I have tiles bricks, and decided to exchange a part that is wrong? If two or more people want to change something, the act of changing a crime?

The state wants you to believe so, because the money in its creation, had a temporary value for people, now has a permanent value for the Kings who had his face stamped on them. State and currency are one, so in all modern states is forbidden to use unofficial currency.
If you are in Brazil have to use real, USA dollar, the object of exchange is in need of legitimacy, so when traveling abroad must declare the money. In short, you think the money is yours, but it is not! Governments are only lending it to you, they are the owners of all the money in the world.
This practice of creating currency trading is illegal and is only tolerated here, because I live in a city out of the ordinary. Many other things are illegal and often do not know, loan money is illegal, regardless of value. “It’s not like your will you lend?” But the official organs will only bother with high values, of course.
You can not give (donate) money without the state and get to know part of it. You can not change your work for pay or objects and work with products, even if both parties agree, even if it is an object of exchange easy, actually it is not the object. Theoretically labor laws to protect the worker, but think of it they cut out money, tax revenues and the currencies of the country. Only raises taxes on the movement of money.
The second idea I had was to replace the money for something free of defects and exhibit the characteristics of money. Of course people already do this, like the case with q and checks in Brazil. Sometimes the use of currency chaque as bordering on the absurd trade. The final consumer purchases by check, the merchant passes these checks to the supplier, which in turn passes the manufacturer, who passes the supplier of raw materials that pass one of their farmers and returns the economy when he uses a pay check for inputs and some product indutrializado. The check is to make essse route several times and became money.
It is a currency and its stock ownership is granted by the state.
As I said before new merchandise can not be used as an object of exchange, then our object of exchange has to be durable and have been used by someone before being reversed into an object of exchange. The rich have this object, are called jewels. Valuables, easy to transport and sell or trade. The phenomenon is repeated in specific communities, the hippies are the jewelry case is similar. Thinking about it, criminals should have the phone in the same status, because why would steal so many?
The conceptual object as money that I would choose the book. But the book has a number of practical limitations. Cedulas continue working even damaged, coins are metal because they expected to have high level of movement precision be so tough. The book has no such modern durability, fatigue easily and loses its value once damaged. It has large volume as it is the book becomes impractical as the object of exchange. If electricity could be stored in small volumes and large quantities of currency would be ideal. As was the salt. Maybe in the future.

Translated from my text “Dinheiro”


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