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indeed-main_Thumb.jpgJob Searching Made Easy

With so many layoffs, there are thousands of people looking for employment, many of them returning to job searching for the first time in more than a decade. Job Hunting can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Many of us look to the Internet to start the search, but with so many sites, job boards, and search engines out there, where’s the best place to find a job? Try INDEED.com! Indeed is a simple job search engine, with a twist: it includes all listings from job boards like Monster.com or Careerbuilder.com, Craigslist.org, newspapers, and company career pages (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google, McDonalds). You can search by job type, location, or a variety of other criteria and then save your job search. All job listings show WHEN they were posted, and update frequently throughout the day. Indeed.com can also send you email alerts anytime a new job matching your search criteria is posted. Here’s some tips on how to make Indeed work for you:

  • Create a my.indeed account (it’s free!). Once you’ve created an account you can save job searches, save job listings with notes, and create or manage email alerts. 
  • Start searching. The basic search boxes are setup to include two things: What and Where. Click on Advanced Search and you’ll find you can add criteria such as the type of employment (part-time, full-time, internship) and salary requirements. Once you’ve entered all your criteria, click Find Jobs. You’ll now see not only a list of all available jobs matching your search parameters, but look to the left side of the screen and check out the refinements! You can drill down even further by selecting one of the refinement categories.
  • Now click on one of the jobs listed. The hyperlink will take you to the original posting where you can view additional job information or complete the steps to apply for that position. Every job you view is listed under the My Jobs tab on your account.
  • To have job alerts sent to your email, click on the My Alerts tab and enter your criteria. Hint: If you want to set up an alert that only notifies you if a particular company posts a new job opportunity, in the What search box you would type ‘company:Google’ for example. You’d then only receive an email alert if Google posted a new job listing.
  • Indeed.com also has other tools that can be of help in your search. Click on Job Trends and search for trends by company, keywords, or job title. The search info is returned in a 3-year graph. Or click on Tools, and get a Firefox job search plug-in, a Google homepage display, or a Windows Live gadget. 

Happy Job Hunting!


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