How to make a holiday food gift basket

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You need:

Any assorted fruits such as:


1.  First, decide what kind of container you want to use for a “basket”, such as a wicker basket or wood crate.  You can ask your local grocer if they have an extra wood shipping crates or baskets. These may be available at no cost, what a great way to recycle and reuse. Now you need to cut up newspaper or shredded brown paper and line the inside of a deep basket with this filler.  Then place colorful tissue paper on top so it will look much prettier with the fruit inside the basket.

2.  Next, place assorted fresh fruit, packaged cheeses, wrapped cookies, candies and nuts inside the basket.  The biggest fruits should go inside first then stack the other fruits and items in the remaining space until the basket appears to be brimming over with goodies.

3.  Lay out a long piece of color or plain cellophane wrap and place the filled fruit basket in the center.  Pull each side of the cellophane up and tie it shut.  Place a ribbon or raffia near the tied off wrapping and attach an extra gift item of your choice such as a nutcracker, holiday ornament, recipe for fruit salad, or anything else you want.

4.  As an added bonus, if you make homemade canned items such as marmalade, jams or jellies add some to your gift.  The extra touch really shows you care.

Photo credit by: Vanilla at Dreamstime (Free image)

Resource: Cheap Gift Baskets


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