How to make delicious salted eggs

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There are lots of cooking methods for eggs in China. Even for boiled eggs, there are a lot of ways to prepare the eggs before boiling. And salted eggs are one of them.

There are also lots of methods to make salted eggs. One friend of mine is good at making delicious salted eggs. But no matter how she tried to teach us, no one can succeed to repeat the taste, although her method is very easy. Are there any people who would like to have a try? The recipe is as follows.

Wash 5 kilograms of raw eggs (about 40 eggs) twice with water, once with wine, and then put them in a clean jar. Boil a pot of water, and put 500 grams of salt and some zanthoxylum (pepper of sichuan) when boiling the water. It is better to boil the water for 15 min. Then cool the water and pour the boiled water into the jar until the eggs are covered. At last, cover the jar and make sure there is a hole on the cover. Put the jar at a shady and cool place for 3 months.

The tips are that you must make sure all the things are clean, including that jar, the salty water, the cover and the eggs. Otherwise, the eggs will go bad. During the 3 months waiting time, you can take one egg to try its taste. Each time you open the jar, make sure you don’t contaminate anything.

I am now on my way of trying and hope to have a good result. Good luck!


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