How To Be A Fashionista in 2009

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Fresh, crisp and modern with a healthy dose of American practicality is what it’s all about in the fashion world for 2009. The Classic looks of the 1960’s influence what will be seen in stores this year. You too can be a Fashionista this year with these simple, affordable and easy tips.

Blue is now the New *Green*: The color green has come to symbolize all things eco-friendly and so blue is following in it’s footsteps. Even if it’s not the easiest shade to work with, you will find more of this shade in beauty, fashion, interior design and graphic design. Spiritually speaking, blue denotes, serenity, peace and stability. It does work with most skin tones. Choose shades closest to the ocean avoiding that awful bright 1960’s blue eye shadow color. One trick to working with blue for example is to wear a blue shirt with a blue jacket. It’s flattering and you don’t have to worry about it clashing or matching.

Buy Classic Pieces: Classic pieces never go out of style or become outdated. Invest in a few Classic pieces such as the Classic men’s trouser pant. Think Katherine Hepburn. It’s something that can go from day to evening all with a change of accessories and some make-up. These pieces can also be rotated more easily than maybe a dress could.

Accessories: Bold bangle bracelets to chunky earrings, so stock up now. These affordable accessories can and will update any look making you stand out from the crowd. Dress up any outfit with simple accessories in colors such as yellow, red, and orange. Same goes for your handbag. It will make your outfit *pop*!

Metallic Eye Shadow: Go from Classic day wear into evening with a silver or gold metallic eye shadow but don’t overdo it. It’s an easy way to go from Office Girl to Evening Bombshell. Keep the rest of your makeup simple with natural blush and lips. Even the eye liner is to be kept softer, more simple. Again, Classic.

Sexy, tousled waves, or a slightly unkept ponytail or updo is what will be seen this year. Hair that is chic, but yet a little undone. A minimalist look that is also sexy is what you want to try an achieve. Hair accessories that are clean, fresh and classic.


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