Owning a Fish Aquarium

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If you are an aquatic animal lover, then owning a fish tank full of fish is ideal for you. To start with the choices of fish to place in your aquarium ranges from variables of small fish to the gigantic sharks and arowana. Taking care of them is another deal though.

I believe that numerous people presume that aquarium fishes are effortless to look after and to some degree, this is spot on. However, they in reality take more care that many people imagine they will do which is why people often find all their fish are dying even though they are caring for them properly. It is just a matter of proper maintenance and care and not to overdo it that will lead to a successful fish and aquarium petting.

As long as you provide your aquarium with a filter to supply oxygen to your fish, and make an effort to clean the filter out once a week then fish can be easy to look after. Have a schedule on it posted near the aerator or your wall next to it in case you forget about cleaning the tank.

You also need to ensure that you do a 30% water change at least once a month, which will ensure that clean, fresh water is introduced back into your aquarium. Changing the water may cause the fish to be stressed out, so you better be careful in exchanging the containers from the tank to the temporary replacements of your fishes while you do the cleaning. You will need to clean the glass of your tank, which makes it more attractive to the eye, and ensures that algae does not gather around the tank edges and make the water stagnant. Other times the water may become murky and green if not cleaned and a bad odor may smell.

As long as you realize that goldfish are still pets and although they do not require a walk 3 times a day like a dog, they will still need you to do your research and give them the care they need to ensure a long and healthy life. Knowing the relaxing effects of fish and aquarium in your home is one the pleasures of having aquatic pets.

Therefore, the next time somebody asks you that owning fish and aquariums is costly and high maintenance, tell them the stuff that I told you about above, that way you can justify your claim that not all fish and aquarium are that high maintenance.


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