Positiveness and Empowerment

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“Beg yu $50, I am HIV Positive,” said the beggar.

My friend went to a hotel in Jamaica for a meeting and saw this man begging. He was so disgusted because of what the beggar said. He said, “Ksurrina this is one of the reason persons will continue to discriminate against HIV/AIDS infected person. This man is begging and using the illness as an excuse not to work.”

Does this illness give this individual a reason to beg? In my opinion, no. After speaking with the beggar, my friend discovered that he lost his job because of the illness and saw begging as the only option. Should I be against this man and his begging? To be honest I am not against it. I am just hurt that he is using this illness as an excuse because there are so many ways one can help his/her self.

Being infected with HIV/AIDS does not make one a lesser person. Yes, after finding out about your status you will lose your self confidence, but you need to know what you are aiming for in life. I have seen my ex-boyfriend turn to the bar drinking and smoking as if his world has ended, even though I was there with him when everyone was encouraging me to leave. When an HIV/AIDS person goes around doing negative things in this world citizens will continue to have derogatory words to say and the fight against discrimination will be in vain.

Jamaica has an health care system which is rated among the best in the world. The health care personnels are always willing to give support, and so it comes as a surprise to me when I hear that a person is doing what the beggar is doing. Medication is free and always in stock, and also there is food support as well.

No sickness should stop someone from empowering his/her self. There is no such word as being unemployable. Everyone has a talent which is hidden, look for it and you will find it. Everyone has a passion for doing something. What we need to do is turn the passion into earning ability.

Since working with my contract boss who is a financial advisor I have learnt three things which are essential in surviving:

God – Always make sure he is the center of whatever you set out to do;

Self Confidence – Having a good self confidence enables one to think positively;

Passion – Turning what you love to do in earning ability.

When a person put his/her self in a positive and fulfilling mood, he/she will look back at the accomplishment achieved and will be proud. I am proud of where I am now, even though I have not accomplished my goal as yet, which is to become a social worker. Just looking back at how I would have taken my life in 2007, and now I am in 2009, I am thankful to God.

For 2009 I would implore you to think and declare positiveness and you will see the blessing of the Lord on your life. Remember, everything in life starts with you!

Have a Blessed and Positive 2009



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