Getting Bowled Over Boyle

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There is no doubt that Susan Boyle has got talent. She has continued to win over the hearts of many people with her beautiful voice and simple personality.

Susan Boyle fist got notoriety when she joined the reality show Britain’s Got Talent. By the end of the song, “I Dreamed a Dream “from Les Miserables, she won over the audience and has continued to gain fans all throughout the world.

The biggest draw that she has for fans is the big contrast she has from her powerful voice and her plain and simple appearance. Within days after her first audition, she had become an Internet sensation. Although she did not win the grand prize for the show, it was clear that she is still a favorite and her popularity has only increased since then.

Just this November 2009, Boyle released her first album entitled “I Dreamed a Dream.” It has been noted to be one of Amazon’s biggest selling albums in terms of reservation and pre-sales. Her album beat out other top artists including Leona Lewis and Eminem and has gone on to claim the top spot in the US Billboard Charts. To date, the album is estimated to have sold at least 3 million copies all over the world.

Although Susan Boyle’s personal life, including her emotional nature and appearance, has been much criticized, she seems bent in making her dreams come true. For many people, she embodies what it is like to have a dream and to go for it, despite of what people say about you or your appearance. Susan Boyle proved them all wrong, whether she aimed to do so or not.


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