Tips for the Beginner Writer

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1.  The very basic, yet very important skill you need to have is a good grasp of grammar and spelling. It’s not that scary, really. Read, read, and read.  This will help you get really acquainted with the proper usage of the English language.  There are plenty of sites out there that can help you review your grammar.

2.  Write what you know best.  Mark Twain wrote Huckleberry Finn, one of the great American novels, about small-town life, simple people and ordinary things – what he knew best.

3.  There are no subjects that are in themselves either bad or good.  Quality depends on what the writer can do with the subject and on his interest in it. You can even write an essay from the perspective of an old shoe, for example, and make it exciting.  The possibilities are limitless.  Words are at your disposal. Use them.

4.  In seeking your own area or areas of writing, the first guide must be your own interest.  If a subject bores you, what you write is unlikely to delight anyone else.  However, no writer should decide too quickly that a subject does not interest him.  After a little thought and inquiry, a subject may reveal itself to be a lot more attractive than it might seem at first.

5.  Analyze the promise of the subject.  On some subjects there’s a good deal to be said by someone who has the ability to acquire knowledge.  You have the ability to acquire it, unless you’re brain dead. Think of a word, food, for instance.  Now you can relate. I’m sure you have your own things to share about that subject.  Make it unique, just like your experience.  That personal realm is a place other people haven’t gone to yet. Now add facts. You’re on your way.

6.  Finally, write because you have the urge to write, something to say, and a message to tell.


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