Spaghetti with white fish

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Spaghetti with white fish?! How could it be? Do you like spaghetti? And every time with the same recipe?! Now, I am offering something new for you while you prepare your favorite spaghetti. This recipe could be interesting for many people because of using of the white fish. I create this recipe one day when I was really tired of using the same traditional recipes for cooking spaghetti that I have known since years. And the effect? It was marvellous. First of all, everybody asked what is it? But very soon everybody forgot to ask because they were  very busy with trying the spaghetti with fish. The preparation of the recipe is not traditional but easy and it tastes very good.The preparation time is about an hour and 15 minutes.It could serve 4-5 people.Follow the instructions and you will have something new and refreshing your traditional spaghetti cooking.


500 gr spaghetti

200-250 gr white fish

yellow cheese

1 bunch green onion (you can use leek or normal onion)


salt to taste

black pepper powder

100 gr mayonnaise

2-3 table spoons mustard

lemon juice

2-3 sour gherkins

Method of preparation:

Cook the spaghetti,salt  to taste and dry them. Put the white fish into a sauce pan with some water and cook it. Cut it onto pieces when it is ready.In a bowl place the spaghetti and prepare the sauce for them.Mix the mayonanise,the mustard and the lemon juice.Pour this sauce onto the spaghetti,sprinkle the black pepepr powder and then put the pieces of white fish on the top. Cut the onion into small pieces and add to the bowl. Grate the yellow cheese onto the spaghetti. Cut the sour gherkins into thin slices and decorate your dish with them. Enjoy this untraditional dish.


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