Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater? Have a Party!

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The latest in an attempt to find a new and funny way to celebrate the season is the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”. It seems that there are a ton of beaded, gilded, belled and tasseled sweaters and sweater vests out there that are not only looking for home but are seeking appreciation. The gaudier the better. I hear that not only are friends getting together decked out in these fashion outcasts but people are partying in them at work as well. For some families, this has become a tradition. Here are some suggestions for doing it right and for going over the top if you are seeking the title of “Ugliest Christmas Sweater” at the next party. 

The Ugly Sweater Habitat or Where the Wild Things Are

If your parents are boomers or older, you might check out their closets. There was a real trend back in the ’80’s to not only deck the halls but your body as well. These sweaters are vintage. Look for sequins, beads, ribbons, tassels and shoulder pads. Yes, the things that make you look like a football player in drag. 

But if your parents were tasteful cashmere wearing yuppies, their closet may not contain an ugly Christmas sweater and so you will have to go on a quest to find the perfect ugly sweater. 

There are web sites offering ugly Christmas sweaters from $25 and up but if you are a fan of Granny Goodearth, you know that I would always give you another, better, cheaper alternative. One word: Goodwill. Or Salvation Army or any resale shop. People who are not in the know and up with the current trend have been dumping these ugly Christmas sweaters for years. Snatch them up! Most are selling for under $5. Where do you think those web sites are getting their supply? 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters as Gifts?

Do you have friends who share your somewhat different view of “beauty”? These ugly Christmas sweaters would make a great gift…so that they can attend your party! 

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Once you have your sweater, it is time to think about your invitations. Cut out the shape of a sweater from construction paper. Add a design with puffy paints, sequins, etc. This is one time when you can’t have too much in your design so go ahead and add that glitter. 

You can make your party menu as simple or as elaborate as you like. You will not have to worry about entertainment! The ugly Christmas sweaters will take care of that for you. If you are planning to hold a contest to choose the ugliest Christmas sweater, you should have a an award or ribbon. Visit your local dollar store for ribbons, plastic trophies and even helium balloons. The weirder, the better for this contest! 

Ugly Christmas sweaters can do some good too. Some people are hosting parties where the guests pay a small fee to attend and all the money is donated to a charity. See, ugly Christmas sweaters can have a purpose besides giving us a good chuckle.

 How to Win The Title of Ugliest Christmas Sweater

In case you are invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and are desperate to win a cheap, tacky, plastic trophy here are some hints that should be just enough to push you and your ugly sweater over the top:

-add some light so everyone can really see all that craziness on your chest. Purchase some battery operated lights from your local dollar store and carefully insert the bulbs throughout the sweater from the inside. You may need to add a stitch or two to hold them in place. Put the battery pack in your pocket and you are ready to win any ugly Christmas sweater contest.

-add a matching hat. You can purchase Santa hats or elves hats at many stores. Get out your Bedazzler, puffy paints, gold buttons and another set of battery powered lights. Either copy part of the design of the sweater or let your imagination direct your design. Give yourself plenty of time if you are using puffy paints as they can take 24 hours to dry.

Whether you wear an ugly Christmas sweater or vest, have a great time with your family and friends this holiday season!


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