How to Make Chloroform

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This is a quick method of producing chloroform at home. No advanced equipment is needed although later revisions to this page may use a chemistry set up to prevent loss of product. *BE SURE TO RATE THIS PAGE AS YOU SEE FIT. **THIS IS TO BE USED FOR A SOLVENT AND SHOULD NOT BE USED AS AN ANESTHETIC OR INTOXICANT DUE TO THE DANGERS OF TRICHLOROMETHANE(CHLOROFORM)

Things You’ll Need:

* shock powder (must be calcium hypochlorite) this chemical is used for chlorinating swimming pools. It is also know as bleaching powder and can be purchased even at wal-mart
* acetone
* water
* ice
* a pitcher which can be disposed of after use or put away for safety

Pour water into the pitcher and dissolve the shock powder into it while stirring.

Add a few pieces of ice and begin pouring the acetone in and continue stirring.

The mixture will begin a chemical reaction that increases temperature. The chloroform may accidentally be distilled off during this reaction if you do not keep the water below 140 degrees. Just around 135 is ideal.

The three layers that can be seen after the reaction is complete is; top: unreacted acetone, middle: water and any remaining ice, bottom: chloroform. Use a separatory funnel to remove the chloroform.

# When reaction occurs it can raise the temperature of contents to nearly 140 degrees. Chloroform can be distilled at this temperature so caution should be taken to keep the heat down below 140 degrees.
# After reaction appears to be complete you can raise the temperature slowly to allow unreacted acetone and shock powder to react.
# Chloroform can be used as a non-polar solvent in chemistry and it is suggested this be it’s only use!
# Chloroform is not used as an anesthetic anymore because of it’s health dangers. It would be wise to not use it as a drug.
# Chloroform may be hazardous to the environment


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