How to Write Articles When You Have a Regular Day Job

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How To Write Articles When You Have a Regular Day Job

Very few people have the luxury of having free time the whole day to write articles.  The majority of bloggers or article writers have daytime jobs, and they blog during their spare time to earn some extra money.  However, with a full time job, family and house chores to juggle, how is it even possible to find the time to write?  Many writers only have a few hours, or possibly even a few minutes available to write.

Here are a couple of tips and ideas that can help you write articles even if you are tight on time:

1.  When an idea comes to your mind (which happens all the time), quickly jot it down.  You don’t need to write down sentences.  Just key words and important words will do.  You can use a scratch pad, a memo pad, or any piece of paper.  That piece of paper with random words already contains the gist of your article.  Then when get a free moment later on, turn the words into phrases and sentences.  Then your article is done and you can publish it!  It is the thinking process that takes up the most time in writing:  thinking of what to write and how to write.  If you have scribbled all your important words on paper, then you have just saved yourself an enormous amount of time.

2.  Bring along a book, a magazine or a newspaper to read during your break time.  When an interesting topic catches your eye, quickly place a bookmark on the page (or cut the newspaper article and set it aside).  This then solves the other time-consuming process:  searching for the right topics.  These quick researches will prepare you for your article topic.  Then when you get a few minutes of free time at the end of the day you can quickly write an article about it.  The more you love a topic, the faster you can write about it.  For example, even if I spend one whole hour I will not be able to write an article about cars, because it is not in my line of interest.  But writing about children, household, relationships and cooking come naturally because I like these topics.  If you are into sports, for example, surround yourself with as many reference materials on sports as possible.  Then your mind will be full of information that you can quickly write.

Blogging and writing articles for fun and money can be done, even if you are pressed for time.  But the secret ingredient is you have to have a passion for writing.  And writing an article can be accomplished in a few minutes if you love the topic.

Happy writing!

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