Too Much Competition is not a good reason for quitting

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No matter what your area of expertise is, there is a big chance you are surrounded with competitors. Some are better than you and some aren’t. But you have many rivals. If you are a blogger, you have to compete against millions of bloggers. The numbers might go up or down but the fact that you have so many people around you doesn’t change; whether you are a doctor or an engineer or a teacher. There is no easy or quick way to the top; unless you are already famous and/or rich and let’s face it: it is hardly ever the case.

Of course it gets trickier if your job is internet-based. Then you have to compute with the rest of the world; not just with the people in your city or country. But so what? Does this mean you should throw the towel in? Absolutely not.

What do you do? Well, you keep searching. You look for ways to make your offerings get out there and stand out somehow. What if everyone is saying/doing something? So can you – you can share the audience/customers/markets. “Just because a lot of (other) people are doing it” is one of the worst excuses I have ever heard. Because if people actually stuck to that, no one would accomplish anything. No one would get famous. “Everyone is trying to be a rock star. I’m quitting the band”. “Seth Godin already wrote about what I thought about marketing.” “Let’s not try to break into the art world.” Fine, then. Don’t try. But how’s that going to accomplish anything?

There are billions of people in this world. There will always be competition. You can either try and find a way of your own, or you can quit after you realize you have done all you can. After all, do you know an area of expertise where competition doesn’t exist?


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