Major Affiliate Networks

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 An Affiliate Marketing Network is a marketplace of affiliate programs that act as a go-between for publishers (affiliates) and merchants.  They allow publishers, or affiliates, “one stop” access to a wide variety of online merchants who are seeking quality publishers to promote their products for a commission.  This leads to an increase in revenue for all involved parties, the publisher, the merchant and the affiliate network.  Here’s a bird’seye view of a few of my top picks…

     AFFILIATE BOT-is one of the smaller affiliate marketing networks.  Affiliate Bot is accepted globally, offers a 2-tier commission payment structure and lifetime payments.  Allowing traffic such as, organic, blogs, e-mail and pay-per-click, there are multiple channels available to generate income on a regular basis. 

     CLICK2SELL-is one of the best affiliate marketing networks offering a unique referral system ensuring no one can steal your commissions. Cookies are tracked for up to 180 days. That gives the affiliate a higher chance to earn commissions from repeat customers. With commissions up to 95% per sale, that can lead to a substantial increase in residual income.

     COMMISSION JUNCTION-is a major player in the field of internet affiliate marketing networks.  It’s arsenal includes some of the most recognizable brands on the market, ie. HSBC,, Hewlett Packard, Skechers and more.  CJ, is accepted globally, reports in real-time statistics and boast high conversions.  Also, definitely worth checking out is their Commission Junction University.  

     CLIX GALORE-is one of the larger affiliate marketing networks.  This is a global network providing compensation based on their pay for performance advertising model.  With this model, merchants pay only after an action is carried out.  Such as, the customer makes a purchase, clicks a banner or text ad, or completes a lead.  As a result, the advertising is highly targeted thus leading to more favorable results.  Check out

    GOOGLE AFFILIATE NETWORK-formerly known as DoubleClick, brings instant brand recognition a with a sense of familiarity.  Google’s list of merchants is constantly growing thereby giving affiliates a wide variety of companies that offer advertising options.  In return, affiliates can earn AffiliateVIP status which opens the door to more sophisticated marketing opportunities and greater visibility.

     LINKSHARE-is another one of the leading affiliate marketing network giants.  Some of the most recognized companies can be found on the their roster, such as Macy’s, Avon and Delta Airlines.  In addition to the traditional marketing methods, Linkshare has launched a new form of affiliate marketing with their Pay-Per-Call Platform.  Affiliates earn a commission when a customer calls a unique phone number in response to on or offline ads. 

     SHAREASALE-has a reputation for having exceptional customer service with their merchants and affiliates.  They are prompt, accurate and reply to concerns in a timely manner.  All while offering a wide variety of merchants and subject categories.  Shareasale also offers the pay-per-call platform.  Their goal is:  Make money online with quality and professionalism.

      AMAZON-holds the distinction of being the most famous of the affiliate programs.  It was introduced by when it launched Amazon Associates in July 1996.  There are those who will argue that Amazon started the first online affiliate program, however, there seems to be evidence to suggest there were others.  Regardless, now holds the distinction of being a revolutionary in the field of online affiliate programs with nearly a quarter million affiliates.  An affiliate can earn up to 15% commission through a wide variety of advertising platforms, such as widgets, links, banners and aStore.

     Again, these are only a few of many top affiliate marketing networks with proven track records of success.  They are definitely worth taking notice of.      


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