A Nativity Christmas for All Ages

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The Joy of Children

Children are a parents pride and joy.  Children represent the future of our world.  For the holidays children especially seen to be joyous and giddy as they imagine what gifts they will receive.  The nativity Christmas gives the true meaning of the celebration to the little ones as schools put on plays and have the children dress up and act out the parts of the characters.

Hearing the laughter of children brings to mind the true meaning of the Christmas spirit and the nativity Christmas scene is one that displays joy and celebrates the birth of a special child into the world.  It shows the proud parents, the wise men who brought gifts to celebrate birth and the simplicity and humility that makes us all human.

Children’s laughter is simple and filled with meaning.  They are humble and give love freely without restrictions.  We have a lot to learn just by watching our children laugh and play.

The Nativity Lives

The nativity Christmas lives in our lives long after the holiday season.  It reminds us to celebrate life and live in harmony with each other no matter what the day or season.  We can learn a lot just by studying the nativity Christmas and remembering what it represents.  Not all believe in the idea of the nativity Christmas and that is okay.  What you learn is the most important aspect of any given idea or concept and putting it into practice in your daily life.

Joy to the World

In the song, “Joy to the World”, these words sum up the nativity Christmas scene and what it means for people around the world.  We all strive for peace and harmony and to learn to live together on this planet.  The world would be a better place if there was more joy in it.  The nativity Christmas brings joy to people around the world and some even display their nativity long after the holidays as a reminder of the ideals behind this season.

The Nativity Christmas is celebrated worldwide and this one piece of art and its idea has caused change to take place during this one time of the year.  Shouldn’t we all remember the meaning?  No matter how busy our lives get in the future the nativity Christmas will be there to remind us to slow down and give thanks for all that we have.


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