How to add sparkle to your silver

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Due to the moisture present in the air, silverware appears dull with a greenish tinge. High exposure to air and light can tarnish your jewellery, so it also depends on how you store your jewellery. Silver should always be stored in a cool, dry place wrapped in a soft cloth and then in a re-sealable plastic bag.

While going for swimming, remove your silver jewellery as the chlorine present in the water can cause damage.

If your jewellery contains precious or semi-precious stones, avoid using any abrasive that could damage them and also don’t let the stone soak for more than few seconds, as it can dissolve the glue that holds them in place.

With little effort, you can maintain the sparkle in your silver jewellery.

Take baking dish or glass bowl.

Line it with aluminium foil, shiny side up and put the jewellery on the top of the foil. Take a large tablespoon of baking soda and spread over it. In another bowl, add 4 to 5 glass water and boil it for few minutes and then pour it on the jewellery.

Leave it for fifteen minutes and remove the item and rinse with plain water. Allow them to air dry.

The result is you will have beautiful shiny jewellery, you will be proud of.

You can also clean once a month using silver paste or liquid polish. Take a soft cloth and apply the silver paste and then buff with another clean one. If necessary, rinse it with warm water.

Make a soda bicarbonate paste and dip a soft cloth and rub on the jewellery. You can also use tooth brush to get into hard to reach areas. Rinse with warm dry and let it dry naturally.

Silver jewellery can be also cleaned by using specially treated anti-tarnish clothes that are available in the market.


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