Will diet alone affect the health of your child’s teeth?

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Yes! Diet alone can really affect your child’s teeth. Foods and drinks can do some damage to their teeth and some can do some good. If you don’t take in milk which provide calcium for strong teeth then your teeth will be damage. If you don’t eat enough vitamins and minerals that will also affects your child’s teeth. Diets inlcude all the essential vitamins and minerals for good health. You really need them to have a set of healthy teeth.

Let’s first examine what we take in for our diet. We take in three meals a day and some snacks. If you’re talking about your children then they’re also doing the same thing as adult. They are taking in three meals per day and some snacks. Whatever foods that they take in will effect the health of their teeth. It also depends on how old the child is. If the child is about a toddler then they will have a chance to lose some baby teeth and develop new ones. Healthy teeth start out when you’re young therefore you should take the steps necessary to help your child build healthy teeth without too much cavity.

You should take the time to give your children a good breakfast, lunch and dinner with full of good nutrition. If a child is young then they don’t have to take supplements because they don’t need to yet. Unless your children can’t eat everything or have some medical issue that prevent them from eating certain food that make a difference in their teeth like milk, cheese, fruits and vegetables. You should follow the food pyrimad guide for getting all the right group of foods for your children.

You would know that milk, cheese, yogurt and fruits and vegetables have calcium that can promote good teeth health. Therefore your child is supposed to get sufficient of these amounts on a daily basis and no less. You would also know that sweet and candy will give the child cavity and you should not give your children too much sweets. Certain sweet beverages can give your child cavity too. Certain drinks can stain their teeth like coffee or colored drinks. Certain bleaching products are not good for the tooth enemel either because it’ll wear away the tooth enemel. You should not allow your children to bite on hard product because they can cause their teeth to break. When the teeth is too sensitive it will break. Certain foods that have acidic property will also destroy teeth because it will wear away the enemel. Foods like lemon, citric fruits have acidic contents. You should encourage your kids to have a good brushing habit so they can prevent cavity.


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