How To Treat A Blister

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How do you treat a blister? A blister is a painful thing to have, especially when you have to continuously workout the next day of it you’re in a sport team and you need to keep on playing. It coulb be very painful. There’s no easy way out of it. I’ve had many blisters before. Almost every single time that I didn’t wear my shoes right or wear a new pairs of shoes, I ended up with blisters. My blisters would last for about a week and then it disappeared on its own. I never did try to take care of the blisters. Yes! blisters do go away on their own. The body heals itself too. The cells have their own healing property that will eventually healed.

People usually get blisters from wearing the wrong types of shoes and the wrong types of socks. Their shoes are too tight. This is how everyone get blisters. New shoes and tight shoes. If you don’t want blisters then don’t wear tight shoes and new shoes to work out. Test them out first and stretch them out using a shoes stretcher first. Have them break loose before you wear them. If you’re going to work out then don’t wear brand new shoes and don’t wear tight shoes. It’s that simple.

Some blisters are small and you can expect them to heal by themselves in a couple of days. Some blisters are heavy and you can expect them to heal in a week. When you have the blisters make sure you don’t wear closed heel shoes until it’s completely healed. Just wear sandals. It could hurt as you know if you wear closed heeled shoes. Blisters usually go away on their own. The cells repaired itself. You can put on a bandage to keep bacteria from coming in while the blister is healing. You can buy some antibacterial cream and some blister healing cream to help it heal faster. There is also anti itching or pain killer cream that you can use to calm down the blister. If it hurt, then a pain killer cream can calm it down. You can stop your physical activity and wait until it gets better.

Blisters can be prevented by not wearing tight shoes and new shoes to work out. You should wear big enough shoes and tennis shoes to ease your blisters. You should wear socks also to prevent blisters. Going without socks will cause you blisters. If you don’t need to wear shoes with heel then they heeless shoes because the heel just cause you blisters. Closed heels are the worst of all shoes. They will give you the blisters of a lifetime. Avoid closed heel shoes whenever possible. It’s so uncomfortable. I don’t see how someone can wear those tight closed heel shoes.


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