Lesser Known Deities Starting with the Letter G

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Lesser Known Deities Starting with the Letter G

Thousands of the world’s deities have disappeared throughout history, whilst only handfuls (such as Zeus, Odin and Isis) have survived into our modern society. These major gods have survived the test of time, and the lesser known gods and goddesses have only survived due to scholars.

Here is a list of lesser known deities from all around the world, starting with the letter G. These are all deities that one will probably never have heard of before.

  1. Ga-Ur – a Sumerian king and fertility god.
  2. Gabija – a Lithuanian fire goddess.
  3. Gad – a Semitic god of good fortune in Phoenicia and Canaan.
  4. Gainji – a creator deity in Papua. It also refers to the time in which he ruled.
  5. Gal Bapsi – a penitential god of the Tamils in India.
  6. Gala-wan-tengri – a Buriat fire god and a lightning god in Mongolia.
  7. Galai-khan – a Mongolian fire god.
  8. Gali-edzin – a Buriat fire god in Mongolia.
  9. Ganaskidi – a harvest deity of the Navaho in North America who is envisaged in the form of a bighorn sheep.
  10. Gandha – a Tibetan Buddhist goddess and one of the mataras. She is said to be green and sometimes has four arms.
  11. Gandhari – a Hindu smallpox goddess.
  12. Gandhari – a Jain goddess of learning and one of the sasanadevatas.
  13. Ganga – a river goddess of the Ganges in India and the personification of the Milky Way. She is the daughter of Himavan and Mena; she is the wife of Vishnu who was later given as the consort of Shiva and Varuma according to some sources. She had the strange habit of drowning her children at which Santanu pointed this out. At this point, she disappeared forever.
  14. Gangir – a Sumerian goddess and the daughter of Baba.
  15. Ganyklos – a Lithuanian god who looks after domesticated animals.
  16. Gapn – a Canaanite vine god and the messenger of the god Baal.
  17. Garbh Ogh – an ancient Irish goddess who took the form of a giantess. Her priests were believed to castrate themselves in ecstatic fervour.
  18. Garmangabi – a German goddess of good fortune.
  19. Gatumdug – a Sumerian fertility goddess. She was the daughter of An.
  20. Gaueko – the Basque god of darkness who sometimes appears in the form of a cow or as a gust of wind.
  21. Gbade – a young thunder god of the kingdom of Dahomey (the modern day country of Benin in Africa). He kills wrong-doers with lightning and the person’s possessions are scattered by the road – anyone who touches them will also be killed.
  22. Gea – the Phoenician earth goddess. Along with her consort, Ouranos, she was born from the primordial egg produced by Chousorus.
  23. Gebelzeizis – the Thracian god of thunderstorms.
  24. Gefjon –a Norse goddess of fertility and agriculture. One of the Asynjur, it was her job to receive those who had died unmarried.
  25. Geh – an Egyptian god who was created, with Gerhit, by Thoth.
  26. Gekka-O – the Japanese god of marriage who binds the feet of lovers together with a piece of fine red thread.
  27. Gelasinus – a Roman god of laughter.
  28. Gerda – a Norse giantess and a goddess of the underworld.
  29. Gerovit – a Baltic war god in Pomerania.
  30. Gerra – the son of Aniu and Anunitu, he was a Babylonian fire god.
  31. Geshtinanna – a Sumerian wine goddess. When her sister Inanna was released from the underworld providing she could find a replacement, she offered her husband Dumuzi and then Geshtinanna, who both spent alternating six month periods in the underworld.
  32. Gestu – a Sumerian god of wisdom who was said to be killed. His blood was used to create men.
  33. Geush Tasan – an ancient Persian cattle god.
  34. Gevar – a Norse god of the moon.
  35. Ghantakarana – a Hindu god of healing and an attendant of Shitala.
  36. Ghantakarni – a minor Hindu goddess.
  37. Ghede – the Haitian god of life and death. He was the brother of Azacca and the husband of Mama Brigitte. He was originally a love god but was later combined with Baron Samedi as a death deity.
  38. Giant-Eagle – a Native North American thunder god, he is said to create thunder when he flaps his wings and lightning from his eyes.
  39. Gibil – a Sumerian god of fire and metal-workers. This name was later given to Marduk.
  40. Gibini – a plague god of Uganda in Africa.
  41. Gid-murt – a Finnish god of the cattle-yard.
  42. Gidja – one of the creators of the world according to Australian mythology. Both the creators were male and he cut off the other’s penis, and pushed a carved wooden figure into the wound. The figure was given life as a human and became the ancestor of the Australian people. The other gods tried to kill Gidja for this but he escaped to the moon.
  43. Giltine – a Lithuanian goddess of death.
  44. Gindr – the supreme god of the Lendu people of Zaire in Africa.
  45. Giraitis – a Lithuanian god of the woodlands, he was the son of Severin and Alice.
  46. Gish – an Afghan war god who was said to live in a steel fortress inside a walnut tree.
  47. Gita – one of the 8 Buddhist mother-goddesses who is depicted with either two or four arms and holds a lyre.
  48. Gitchi Manitou – the creator god of the Algonquins of North America. He created the world and human beings from the mud brought up from the primordial waters by the duck and terrapin.
  49. Gleti – the Fon moon goddess in Africa.
  50. Goga – the Papuan goddess of rain and fire who made fire from her own body. A hunter stole one of her burning brands and brought fire to mankind.

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