Healthy Foods You Shouldn't Eat And Why You Shouldn't Eat Apples

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Dangerous Healthy food

We all think that simply buying fresh fruits and veggies are healthy. Scientific studies prove that not all healthy foods are actually good for us. Some of our favorites are actually believed to cause illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and several types of cancer. So if you want to be proactive about eating healthy foods and stay away from things that might cause illness check this facts out!

Comparing Apples to Apples Dangerous Healthy food

I love apples. Macintosh apple, granny smith apple, golden delicious and the gala apple are my favorites! I used to eat an apple a day when I was in school. Now that I’m older, I look out a little bit more for my health. Here’s why I don’t eat just any kind of apple anymore.

I was shocked to learn that they are not all that healthy. These end of summer treats have been sprayed frequently with pesticides ALL summer long. Apples are 2nd* on the list of fruits exposed to the most pesticides. Gross!

Are apples healthy foods? Well, Yes. Apples are very good for you, but….

We have heard that many of these pesticides are not harmful yet many of these farmers are diagnosed with Cancers related to their exposure and consumption of these very same pesticides.We have done many studies that are starting to link the effects of pesticides on the body, and resluts are pointing towards an increase in Parkinson’s disease. That’s scary!

If your going to buy some apples, buy organic apples or get some organic apple cider! Always wash your fruits thoroughly, and if you want to play it really safe, just peel the apple.

* #1 Fruit exposed to the most Pesticides are pears! #2 Apples #3 Sweet Bell Peppers

Farmed Salmon vs. Wild Salmon

Is salmon good for me? Depends on what kind your eating. Are you eating too much salmon…?

Did you know that Farmed salmon are fed treated chicken feathers, poultry litter, and soy?

Does that sound like a normal diet of a Salmon? No ! This is where the problem lies, resulting in less vitamins and higher contamination like carcinogens, dioxin, and DDT.

They are linking this contaminate called DDT to diabetes and obesity. Their tests are preliminary estimates but these risks, I believe, outweight the benefits of eating salmon for the omega 3 fatty oils that are very good for the body.

Basically, what ever they feed the fish, you also get a dose of. So the chemicals and drugs they pump into these pen fed fish, your also enjoying when you eat them!

Next time you order salmon out, be sure to ask if its Wild Caught or Farm Raised. Stay away from “Fresh Atlantic” and go with the Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon. It’s more expensive, but most true healthy foods are. Right?

Other Not So Healthy Food For Thought

Non-Organic Milk, Artificial Hormones and cancer. Great combo

Milk with artificial growth hormones contain rBGH and IGF-1 When it was first approved to use these growth hormones, we thought that they would be broken down in the human digestive tract. We have since then learned that certain constituents in the milk protect these hormones from breaking down in our bodies. rBGH can cause udder infections and puss in the milk. IGF-1 may also contribute to Colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

Canned Tomatos Like Tomato paste or canned sauce could supress sperm and could also cuase Chromosomal damage.

The resin in the linings of the cans are broken down and absorbed into our foods by the acidity of the tomatoes. Bisphenol-A ( BPA ) is a synthetic estrogen that may link to a range of ailments like obesity, reproductive problems, and heart disease. If you must get some pre-processed tomatoes, get them in the glass jar.

Microwave Popcorn in animal tests have caused liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer. Also may cause infertility in humans! From Popcorn? No way!

The Chemicals in the lining of the bag are vaporized during the microwaving process and absorbed by the corn kernels. Several popcorn companies have agreed to create a plan to get rid of these chemicals by 2015. But that’s still a long way away, and think of how many millions of bags they will produce in the mean time! Save yourself the problems and make some old school popcorn, sure its not as fast or perfect, but have some fun creating your own toppings and burning a few batches. haha.

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