Tiger Woods Controversial Life

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Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfer in the World till date .But recently in the year 2009 ,Tiger Woods life became very controversial .A simple car accident seems changed his life .When the probing is being started its been learnt that Tiger Woods Wife Elin Norgedren actually hit him on his face the day before the accident, the cause then found that Tiger Woods was having affairs and He is being linked to atleast fourteen mistresses including Racheal Uchitel, Jamie Jungers ,Jamir Grubbs and lot more.Elin Norgodren ,Tiger Wood’s Wife wants divorce from him.Recently Elin Norgedren been spotted without the wedding ring in her hand.Even many sponserers like Gillette ,accenture wants to discontinue contracts with Tiger Woods.Though Nike is supporting Him.

Tiger Woods now announced a undefinite leave from the Golf arena.Tiger Woods though got the PGA tour of 2009 player of the year award for his superb performance in Golf.But Now its a really concerned that  What will be his future, many experts thinking that Tiger Woods career ends here itself.Even after trying to skip all those controversies its said that Tiger Woods is going to switzerland  but it seems that all wants to hook up their name with the legend,recently Jamie Jungers announced that she is having some obsence Photos of Tiger Woods , even the Playgirl magazine received some undressed Photos of Tiger Woods.

But according to me what is over is over, let the Tiger again roar in the golf course.Tiger Wood is a talented player and he should continue to show his skill in the field of golf world. 


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