Salad in layers

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This salad is interesting because it is made in layers with grated ingredients. It is not easy to prepare something substantial,at the same time tasty and not very expensive during the winter months.On the other side it should not take much time for preparation and it is a good idea your salad to be healthy.So,the task is very difficult but I think that with this salad you can reach all these aims.The preparation of the salad is about 20 minutes.It serves 2.


6 eggs

200 gr yellow cheese

150 gr white cheese

5 sour gherkins

100 gr peas

For the dressing:


small lemon slices

some olives

Method of preparation:

Boil the eggs while you are preparating the other ingredients. Grate the yellow cheese in a small pieces and the white cheese in some bigger pieces.When your eggs are ready,cool them and shell them. Grate them and divide into 2 parts. Meanwhile cook the peas. During that time you can cut the gherkins into small pieces. All your ingredients are ready and you can start making the salad. The first layer could be the first part of the eggs,the next-the white cheese then the chopped sour gherkins,the third-the second part of the eggs,the fourt-the peas,on the top,the last alyer should be the grated yellow cheese. The salad is almost ready,only the dressing is missing. Parsley could be used to make something like ” grass” and the slices of lemon to shape some “flowers”. The olives could be your other kind of”flowers”. Use your imagination and dress beautifully.The salad could eb used as an appetizer.


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