How to Catch the Diamond and Pearl Legendaries

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Ever get tired of wandering around Sinnoh trying to find the rare and powerful Pokemon everyone else has but you just can’t seem to find?  Well, I am going to tell you how to find and catch them!

What you need:

· A Nintendo DS

· Pokemon Pearl or Diamond

· Time

· Ultra balls

· Timer balls

#479 Rotom

Type and Level: Electric/Ghost, Level 15

Needed: National Dex, Pokemon with the move CUT,

Found: Rotom can be found in the Old Chateau inside the Eterna Forest.

How to get it: Walk into Eterna Forest from Route 205 and walk up to the small trees near a fence.   Have one of your Pokemon use cut on it and walk up through the grass and into the Chateau.   Once you are inside, walk up the stairs and around to the top of the screen and through the door.   Now go through the second door to the left and approach the TV set.   Press “A” and follow the text.   A battle with Rotom should ensue.

#480 & 482 Uxie and Azlef

Types and Level: Psychic, Level 50

Needed: Pokemon with the move SURF,

Found: Uxie and Azlef can be found at Lake Acuity and Valor after you defeat team Galactic

How to get them: Go to either lake and surf to the cave in the middle.  Then walk up and press “A” near the Pokemon and a battle should ensue. 

#481 Mesprit

Type and Level: Psychic, Level 50

Needed: Pokemon with the move SURF, Pokemon with the move FLY,

Found: Mesprit can be found at Lake Verity at first, then around Sinnoh after you meet it.

How to get it: Go to Lake Verity first and surf to the cave in the middle.  Then walk up to Mesprit and press A.  There should be a bit of text and Mesprit will run away.  After that, it can be found randomly around Sinnoh.   However, once you see it the first time in the wild, you will be able to track it in the marking map on your Poketch.

#483 & 484 Dialga and Palkia

Types and Levels: Steel/Dragon & Water/Dragon, Level 47

Needed: Nothing

Found: These Pokemon can be foundat the top of Mount Coronet during a story event.

How to find it: Go to the top of Mount Coronet and defeat team Galactic.  Then follow the instructions of Prof. Rowan and a battle with Dialga/Palkia should ensue.

#486 Regigigas

Type and Level: Normal, Level 70

Needed: Regice, Regirock, Registeel, National Dex,

Found: Snowpoint temple 5th floor.

How to find it: Go to Snowpoint City and go to the top of the city.   Talk to the woman outside the temple and after a bit of text she should let you through.   Solve the ice floor puzzles to get to the bottom of the temple.  There you should see a patch of solid ground with a statue in the middle of the room.   Navigate through the room and approach the statue.   Press “A” at the statue.  If you have all three Regis with you, then a battle with Regigigas should ensue.

#487 Giratina

Type and Level: Ghost/Dragon, Level 70

Needed: National dex, Pokemon with SURF, Pokemon with ROCK CLIMB,

Found: Turnback cave

How to find it: Go to Route 214 and go about two-thirds of the way down the route.  You should see a little passageway off to the right.   Go through it and go to the rock path.  Use rock climb to go up it and go around to the top-right of the lake.   Go down the second rock path and go into the cave.   Once inside, read the center post and follow the instructions.   Then go through the doors until you find Giratina.  Approach it and press “A”.   A battle with Giratina should ensue.

#488 Cresselia

Type and Level: Psychic, Level 50

Needed: National dex,

Found: Fullmoon Island, Then around Sinnoh after you meet it.

How to find it: Go to Canaclave City and enter the sailor’s house next to the docks.   Talk to all the people in the house and then talk to the sailor outside.   He should give you the option to go to Fullmoon Island.  Go there and follow the path until you reach a clearing.  In the middle should be Cresselia.   Walk up to it and press “A”.   It will run away and leave the Lunar Wing behind in its wake.   Pick up the Lunar Wing and head back to Canaclave City and heal the boy with the wing.   After you do this, you can find Cresselia running around Sinnoh in the same fashion as Mesprit. 

Additional Tips:

You can use the sleep condition along with the false swipe move to help make capturing most legendaries easier.  However, you need to use the foresight move for it to affect Rotom and Giratina. 

If you don’t mind taking chances, then you can use a Wobbuffet to help catch Cresselia and Mesprit.   However, using the sleep condition or using the arena trap ability instead will not work on them.


Always save before taking on a legendary! It allows you to try again if you faint or you make it faint. 

Read the warnings included with each video game to avoid unnecessary health hazards.


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