Mackerel with leek

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This is an unusual recipe because of the use of leek.The taste of the fish is wonderful by using leek.The recipe is easy for preparing. The dish is full in vitamins and very healthy. The time of preparation is only 45 minutes. You do not need any special experience to prepare this recipe. Everyone can do it. The recipe serves 4 people. Use the following


4 mackerels

2-3 leeks

1 big onion

1 bunch of dill

a pinch of sweet basil

salt to taste

the juice of one lemon


black pepper powder

For the dressing:

4 leafs of green salad

lemon slices

some olives

Method of preparation:

The well cleaned mackerels have to be salted and placed into the baking pan. The onion and the leek should be chopped into very small pieces. Add the chopped dill and pour the ingtredients with a sauce prepared from the lemon and the oil (2 tablespoons each).Add 100 ml water and the dried sweet basil and bake the dish for 30 minutes. Please,make notice that it is better to bake it when it is covered with folio. In this case the vegetables-onion and leek would be stewed and much more tasty. During the cooking chop the dill and prepare the lemon slices and the olive halves.When the dish is ready place it onto a leaf of green salad. Sprinkle black pepper powder and the chopped dill. Dress with the lemon slices and the olive halves.Enjoy it!


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