Dogs Versus Cats

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Everyone in this world varies in opinion. We all have different taste and likes. So goes the age-old question, “which do you prefer; a cat or dog?” As a cat lover, I would obviously go with my feline fascination. There may be benefits owning a dog, but for me these benefits deplete the fact that a cat is the better animal to have at home.

Even despite the fact that a lot of people look as if they prefer dogs to cats, I cannot seem to outline their reasons why. Obviously, I recognize the qualities that people are fascinated to in dogs, but the reality of the matter are that cats can be just as sociable and be as loyal as dogs. This is evident in my cat that happens to be very loving and devoted to me and with none of the unenthusiastic qualities of dogs. The first and for the most part loathsome of these vices is that very distinctive smell.

I do not seem to know why, but dog owners never look as if to be able to smell their individual pets. This maybe is due to the subsequent canine foible: nothing like cats, dogs are totally oblivious of their own refuse and thus do not sanitized themselves with the exemption of their own genitals, which I believe is in reality only for enjoyment. I do not know but the most significant edge that cats have greater than dogs is that cats do not salivate or drool that much. Cats may often lick, but their coarse tongues are almost dry or virtually saliva free.

Finally, dogs are clumsy, big and loud while cats are quiet and sleek. A dog that actually likes to jump on a person, for example can cause severe injury, whereas the nastiest a cat may possibly do is untie a few hairs onto one’s clothing or pants; a dog can barely walk from corner to corner in a room without knocking or breaking over a vase. The one plausible thing a dog is excellent for is guarding a house, but I in my opinion would rather invest in a home high end security system and a small firearm than an animal that goes into hysteria every time someone, a mailman or even just a car passes by.


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