How to Survive Depression

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We all have our down moments, a period in our life when our world looks blue and our dreams somehow lost its luster. This is also a time when you do not feel good about yourself, you feel tired with your life, you feel depressed and it seems you are surrounded with hopelessness.

 Every time I come across such situations, I made sure that I snapped out of it. In fact, I have developed a routine that helped me cope with such conditions. I like to share it with you.

1. When you’re down, never listen to people with negative or pessimistic views about life. Instead, listen to the words of individuals who are full of hope and positive   outlook towards life. When you are in a depress mode, you tend to be easily affected by what you hear from other people. As such, being close to someone who has nothing to say but negative blah blahs will not be a good way to heal your depression.

2. Find a serene place where you can think and assess yourself. Go to a quiet beach or somewhere close to nature. You can also try looking for a comfortable spot in your house where it is peaceful enough for you to relax and think.

3. Stay close to your love ones. Whether it’s your dog, cat, close friends or your family, being close to them will help ease the loneliness inside you.

4. Find a hobby that you really like. Some depress people take refuge by writing a journal where they can express their inner selves without boundaries. Some people get involved in sports, community service, painting, dressmaking, etc.

5. And finally, appreciate yourself. Stop comparing yourself with other people who are far better-off than you. Instead compare yourself to the less fortunate. Before you complain about the food you eat, think of someone who has nothing to eat. Before   you complain about your job, think of the unemployed and those who wish they had your job.

As a final note, always be happy. Always appreciate your life. You will realize that your life is better the way it is.


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