How to help your kids when they’re on drugs

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The population of teenagers using marijuana is very high. You may not know it because they hide it from you but they do smoke it. It’s a trend nowadays that children use marijuana. I use to work at outdoor concerts and people were smoking marijuana like it was cigarettes. The fumes of it were all over the air. The concert goers were mostly young adults.

If you do find your children using it, you can try to talk them out of it but beware that they’re going to fight with you. One thing that you can rest your mind on is that marijuana is not that bad for your health. It has a few adverse actions but other than that it’s not as bad as other illegal drugs. Marijuana can do a lot to help with medical conditions. Marijuana can stop cancer cells from growing. It can increase appetite and lower pain. It can do a lot for patients. The side effect is that patient can hallucinate and become lazy. Patient can also have slow brain cells growth. Parents that smoke during pregnancy can cause Down syndrome in children.

Marijuana cost a lot and therefore your children will be broke because they use most of their money on drug. Believe it or not but teenagers love drugs. Kids like beers and smoking. That’s what their friends do and that’s what they’ll also do. A lot of cases happened because their friends influenced them. You can find that children who smoke will also be looking forward to stealing your money to support their habits. They will be broke if they smoke because most likely they will spend most of their money on drugs. This is a sad thing to see money go to waste but kids love the feelings of beers and smoking. I use to be a teenager and I know what they like. Working at the concert venue taught me that young adults love to drink and smoke illegal stuff. They do!

You can talk to your child about the adverse effect of the drug and wish that they should stop. Some kids are stubborn and they may even pick a really big fight if you try to stop them from doing their favorite thing. It depends on how good of a relationship you have with your children. You can try and see what will happen. Children have to be taught early to stay away from drugs. Usually kids start smoking because their friends force them to. You can also offer rewards and punishment to help your child stops. If they don’t stop you can take allowances away or tell them to move out of the house. You can offer them more allowances if they agree to stop smoking. Children will be stubborn and it all depends on what they are willing to do for you. When people get older they will realize that drug is not a good thing to do. The leading problem for poverty is drug use. You can also get your kids professional help to cure their addiction because marijuana is addictive.


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