Your dog is obviously and undoubtedly your best friend

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When I think about my 22 year long life, I simply cannot exclude the puppy that was consistently there for me for half of it. Her name is Molly Rose and as her life is coming to an end it brings me to tears every time I think about loosing her. To come home every day from school to a furiously wagging tail is something that is impossible to accurately articulate, she made me feel like a million dollars no matter what. From when I knew all the answers to life when I was 14, to now realizing that I am no more than a blip on the radar when it comes to knowledge of life. She never changed her opinion on me, she never cared how many pimples were on my face, or how poor my grades were. She never cared that sometimes I smelled like the Tijuana River, or got caught for cheating on a paper in College. That little pugwawa face will always be on my mind, so innocent and loving it brings me to ask the question of who am I, who am I to deserve to be unconditionally appreciated and loved for just being me? Am I alone when I say that Dogs are nothing a shred less than an unbelievable gift from above? I know that many people in the world love Dogs to death, and it truly brings joy to my life that they are loved back, for just being what they are.


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