How To Clean Home Painting Equipment

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Most of us will catch that painter’s bug after completing one project and it won’t be too long thereafter that we’re taking on another. All the more reason to have our equipment and tools in good condition and ready to go. l

After you have finished using paint brushes remove any excess paint onto newspaper first,then wash under running tap water. Most wall paints are water-based and clean up well using water and a small amount of household detergent. Rub the detergent into the bristles to get them cleaned well. Be sure to rinse them to remove all detergent.

To prevent metal items from rusting such as paint roller cages and metal paint trays, dry well with a soft cloth after cleaning.

After you have used all the paint in a can, wash it well and use it to store a number of household items.

The metal piece between the paint brush handle and the base of the bristles is called a ferrule. Be sure to clean this area well after each use since paint will accumulate and shorten the life of the brush. Use a scouring pad if needed.

Store paints inside the house if possible. To produce an air tight lock so a skin doesn’t form on the top layer of the paint, hold the lid on firmly and shake the can.

When storing glazes write the recipe for the glaze on the side of the jar or can in case you need to mix more at a later time.

To care and store stencils: Use pieces of cardboard and place the stencils in between them. Stencils can only be used again if they are stored flat.

To store drop cloths: Wash them in the washing machine and dry them before storing them along with your paint supplies.

Hang brushes from hooks around the inside of an empty paint can. Be sure they are fully dry before placing them on the hooks. Lay the brushes on a paper towel or cloth towel to dry. Make sure to re-shape the brushes and be sure all of the bristles are laying flat, as if you just purchased the brush.They can also be hung on hooks on a pegboard. Its important for any paint brush to be stored hanging by the hole on the handle with the bristles pointing down.


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