Don’t Panic Over Tax Notices

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Do not let your imagination get carried away if you receive a tax notification in the mail.  True, the tax authority isn’t sending you a birthday card, but it may not be about something that is earth shattering, either.

Too many people get into instant distress when they receive mail from the Internal Revenue Service or their state tax office.  You can drive yourself to distraction contemplating what message is inside.

Are they coming after your house or your car?  Are they going to garnish your wages?  Did you make some sort of error that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Most times, when a tax agency contacts you, it is with general information.  Sometimes laws or tax codes change in a manner that requires the taxing authority to notify all or certain taxpayers about such a change.  Chances are that your piece of mail is a general announcement.  Even if it is not, what have you done that the taxman should be after you?  For most of us, the answer is nothing.

Most Americans overpay their taxes as opposed to cheating to get too much back.  Unless you know that you have done something unlawful, you have nothing to fear about getting mail from the IRS or your state revenue office.

If you haven’t earned enough to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, you cannot owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, so relax about that.

Even if some error was made by someone, about something, those errors are easily resolved.  The IRS and the state do make mistakes and they are well aware of it.  So, be confident that, if you haven’t done any major evading or deceiving, there is nothing in that envelope that can harm you.

Go ahead now, open it.

Really, it’s okay to open it.

Don’t be afraid, open it.

Hurry up!

I want to know what it’s about.


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