NCAA Football 2011 New Modes & Features Wish List

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The NCAA Football series by EA Sports has become a cornerstone sports game franchise that no serious football gamer should be without.

NCAA Football 10 ranks as one of the best sports games ever in my book and many other gamers’ as well.

But each release is also a chance to incude gamers’ wishes for new features for the game that have seemingly been missing.

Here is a wish list for the next NCAA Football game, NCAA Football 2011, even though it’s still very early.

NCAA Football 2011 Features Wish List

New features that should be in the next NCAA Football franchise game.

1. NCAA Football 2011 Feature: Real entrances-

It’s about time we get real NCAA football team entrances such as Howard’s Rock at Clemson, the Michigan players touching the MGoBlue banner, and the Seminole Chief spiking the tomahawk among others. At least get the big name schools in, EA, Thanks.

2. NCAA Football 2011 Feature: More specific plays-

EA Sports has gotten better at adding more diverse and specific plays in NCAA Football but they have dropped the ball on some teams. For instance, the Rich Rodriguez-style spread at Michigan. The Wolverines use a lot of different bubble screens to WR’s but no such plays exist in their playbook.

Florida and other teams have gotten some nice team specific treatment but many teams don’t have the right nuances in their playbooks yet and it just doesn’t feel like them.

3. NCAA Football 2011 Feature: More franchise control-

Players should have the ability to add on to their stadiuns or get new facilities if they take their programs to the next level of success. Maybe they could add luxury boxes as well or other similar features to add to the home field advantage for example.

Make building a program from the bottom up more intuitive and rewarding in the next NCAA Football game.

4. NCAA Football 2011 Feature: More attention to graphics-

Let’s face it, the NCAA series has slipped behind the NFL counterpart Madden in a big way. More detail and better overall animation for less stiffness in the players is sorely needed among other details.

5. NCAA Football 2011 Feature: College classics

Bring back the classic game scenarios and classic teams if at all possible. These scenarios could be recreated and were fun challenges back in the old days but they mysteriously disappeared.

6. NCAA Football 2011 Feature: Create a coach

NFL Head Coach was a bomb but that’s because no one wants to play a whole football video game based on a coach with little action.


Also, coaches, like Bobby Bowden, Bo Schembechler, Joe Pa and the like, are usually more fabled in NCAA Football than in the NFL.

Allow NCAA Football players the feature to create a coach and give lots of options like shades, cowboy hats, suits, etc. for more customizability and personality in each creation.

Perhaps EA could even allow players the chance to craft their personality and it could affect the way your program shapes up in the dynasty mode.


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