Little Big Planet Review

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When someone says ‘PS3’ you automatically think Sony, Blu-Ray and video games.No? Exactly, no you don’t. When someone says ‘PS3’ the words that pop up in your head are ‘Sackboy’ and ‘Little Big Planet’. This is because Little Big Planet is easily the defining game on the PlayStation 3. With its super cute characters and its amazingly easy to use creation mode it’s clear that Media Molecule have done a great job with this one.

The game features some impressively cutesy graphics that only help to illustrate what an excellent game that Little Big Planet is.However, superb graphics aside, there are a few more qualities that deserver a mention in this review.Just one of those qualities is the highly praised create mode.In my first play through of the game, after a quick and short-lived hash at the game’s over-rated story mode, the create mode was the first place I headed.Admittedly if you plan on constructing your own level,a bucket load of patience and creativity is needed, though after about 20 minutes of fiddling around with the masses of creative tools on offer,eventually with any luck a decent level will come out of it.

One thing that’s quite possibly the most important feature to the game is the online gameplay.Upon all of my time spent online with the game I found that beneath the oodles of unique level goodness lay problems.Yes, that’s right.The game that has been praised by so many including myself has problems.No matter though as they won’t affect gameplay as long as you’re not an OCD suffering perfectionist such as myself.The simple problems are these a) you can’t create your own tags when you review a level and are instead left to pick and choose endlessly until you find one that is even remotely close to how you feel about it and b) you can’t create an advanced search for levels.

Despite the game’s extremely minor defects, whether you’re a narcissistic gamer who’s face hasn’t been graced with a smile in years or whether you’re an Xbox 360 fanboy who despises the PS3. Frankly it doesn’t matter as this is a game for EVERYONE. And besides, with its highly entertaining gameplay and its ability to recreate the game the way that YOU, who wouldn’t want to play Little Big Planet?


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