2010 NFL Free Agent Quarterback Rankings

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Finding a QB in the NFL is a tough, tough business. Most of the best ones are drafted by their current teams but it can be a 1st round top-of-the-line guy like Peyton Manning or a guy who slipped through the cracks like Tom Brady, who didn’t come on until late in his Michigan Wolverines career in college because he was stuck behind other talented players and was taken in the sixth round of the NFL Draft.

Finding a free agent QB in 2010 will be a little tricky but there is some definite promise in the crop and QB’s are available who can at least be good game manager types for a good team.

Here is a list of the top 2010 NFLfree agentquarterbacks and short explanations of why they are ranked where they are going into the NFL off-season.

Ranking the Top 2010 Free AgentNFL QB’s

1. Kyle Orton, Denver- He isn’t a great QB by any means but he’s a top free agent QB in the 2010 NFL off-season because he can manage a game and avoid the big mistake, plus he’s still a young guy who can improve and fit in many different systems.

2. Chad Pennington, Miami- So many surgeries but still so many completed passes and wins suggest he might not be a guy to count out as a free agent QB in 2010. He can latch onto a good team and manage a game with the best of them but Miami is probably moving on with Chad Henne now.

3. Jason Campbell, Washington- Young guy with good physical tools who hasn’t quite put it together with consistency. Campbell could still take off on the right team and is worth a look as Washington hasn’t been the most functional NFL franchise recently and has played in such a tough division. A decent free agent QB.

4. Kellen Clemens, Jets- Mark Sanchez has the QB position locked up but Clemens has shown some promise in his short time as a starter. But he is worrisome as a free agent QB pickup because of the fact that he seemed to regress with more playing time as a starter at QB. Still worth a shot however in the free agent market.

5. Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota- Maybe he learned better anticipation and pocket skills from Brett Favre? He’s worth a flier because of his great arm and mobility. Some question whether he’ll get better or be a worthy free agent QB but the truth is no one knows until he gets on a team with more weapons and matures.

 Other top free agent QB’s in the 2010 class of free agent QB’s:

Charlie Batch of Pittsburgh, David Carr of the Giants, and Daunte Culpepper. of the Lions.


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