What Team has the Best Uniforms in College Football?

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While teams in the NFL have uniforms geared more towards making money than anything else in many cases with their flashy logos and decals, college uniforms tend to focus a little more on tradition and simplicity. The ones that do this the best in college tend to the be the best of the bunch in my opinion. Here’s my list:

 Honorable Mention: Oregon Ducks-

Love their uniforms or hate them, I give them credit for trying something different and coming up with something unique. Note: Only lesser-known programs like Oregon was should try this. When Miami went to the single-sleeve Nike uniforms, it just looked tacky.

10. Ohio State-

One description of these uniforms in an ESPN tournament said there was “too much going on” here with all the colors (black, silver, white, red), but it all comes together pretty nicely in my opinion. The Buckeye stickers and shiny silver helmets are really sharp.

9. Alabama-

These are the definition of classic, with the trademark numbers on the helmets and a simple crimson-and-white color scheme.

8. Arizona State-

The sun devil logo is undeniably cool and the colors represent the school’s location very well.

7. UCLA-

Gold and powder blue isn’t the most intimidating color combo of all-time but it looks really nice under the California sun.

6. Colorado-

The black and gold colors go together very well and the buffalo is a menacing helmet logo.

5. Florida State-

Gold and red with a good-looking tomahawk logo on the helmet, these uniforms are becoming classics.

4. Notre Dame (green jerseys)-

I’m talking about the dark greens they wore against USC a couple years ago, not those yellow-and-green abominations they wore against Boston College.

3. Texas (white uniforms)-

Very simple and clean whites with a simple-yet-classic longhorn logo on the helmets.

2. Penn State-

As simple as it gets, these uniforms stand out in this sporting era of excess.

1. Michigan (home uniforms)-

Voted no.1 in all of sports by an ESPN.com poll, the distinctive helmets and maize-and-blue color scheme are timeless classics for football’s all-time winningest program. Of course, I am a little biased.


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